Fire leaves destruction, burnt land, & dead animals in its wake. Its hard to imagine the scene days & weeks after a fire has been put out. But for many many months after a fire, a home or land owner is left with rebuilding irrigation, homes, water tanks, burnt vineyards and orchards etc. They deal with black soot every time the wind blows. Smoke damage to household furniture, the smell almost impossible to eradicate. Toilets and geysers get blocked with black soot. Hard to imagine if you have not experienced it first hand. Please try and put yourself in their shoes and just imagine for a few minutes what its like to rebuild a home or land destroyed by fire. Fire has long term effects!

A great site for more information on FIRE PREPAREDNESS is:

A once lush green river bed reduced to coals & ash

Stripped of all her beauty


Crying out to survive the heat and destruction

Branded by fire

Marks not forgotten

Fire leaves no prisoners, it kills animals and vegetation in its path

Farmers and land owners are left with melted pipes, taps and connections, taking weeks if not months to replace at a huge cost

Water tanks melt like bubblegum

Once alive and thriving, now just burnt out

Once green, now burnt black & devastated

The naked land tells the story

The fires take many days to die down, sometimes you can find this after 4-5 days

A once lush green river bed reduced to coals & ash

Fire destroys whatever is in it’s path










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