Fire Destruction A “CEASE’ Initiative CFD3- Koo Valley, Western Cape, South Africa

We have had a season of fire we shall never forget, thousands of hectars of land destroyed by fire. Fire fighters worked to exhaustion. Our community of Montagu & Robertson came together in such community spirit. Proud to live in this Valley. The day after the fires in the Koo, I went to see what was destroyed. It looked as if the fires were now under control and the weather was cool and overcast. To our surprise the fires flared up again that evening. Nature is so powerful, fire has a mind of its own, it has a beauty of its own and no one can stop it when its out of control. Our fire fighters worked very long hours saving farm houses and all structures. Our community came together and everyone helped where they could. The fires are now under control, and we all pray they don’t flare up again. The drought we have experienced this year has had a huge impact. The land is so dry, it is a major fire hazzard. We all need to be vigilant and very careful and respect natures powers

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