“CEASE” Initiative

I am a professional Commercial & Wedding Photographer & the Founder of the “CEASE” Initiative

“CEASE” Initiative founded on 10 Jan 2017, by Laresa Perlman – click on the CEASE INITIATIVE link for the full stories

SOLUTIONS, through

The aim of the CEASE Initiative, is to collaborate with people, businesses & organizations, to create empathy & awareness, by exposing real life situations, heroes, issues & relevant topics, allowing the viewer to gain a greater insight, understanding & perspective of the world around us.

Current projects:

“16 days of Activism” for no violence against woman & children.

Laresa Perlman Photography & “CEASE” sponsoring Corporate social investments (CSI) in association with Change Agents South Africa. We have identified 16 families, one for each day. These families either live in poverty, are addicted to alcohol or drugs, of have suffered some form of verbal, physical or financial abuse. The project will run from May to Mid Dec 2017. We hope to help these families improve their individual situations. The stories & progress will be published over time

Water pollution & the relationship to water in the Inkanini and Kayamandi informal settlements in Stellenbosch.

Laresa Perlman Photography & “CEASE” collaborating with Dr Charon Buchner Marais. Former researcher at Stellenbosch University and founder of the Stellenbosch River Collaborative. Working with key role players in Stellenbosch.

Projects completed Below:

1. The Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School in Bonnievale, a modern technical school of excellence for all

2. South Africans protest against current president jacob Zuma 2017

3. Fire in the Langeberg mountains, celebrating our fire fighters

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