Art galleries below. I discovered my love for creating original art in my late forties, now I love creating something original, and letting the creativity flow from my camera or my paint brush. Just going with the flow of what I am inspired to create on that day.

Delicate Transformation:

Delicate Transformation: This series is based on the fabulous world of insects. Delicate transformation is a way of bringing nature into your home, showing just how much beauty surrounds us. Using original photographs of insects with an added geometric twist

Intimate Beauty:

Intimate Beauty: This series was created by using flowers from my surroundings, photography, acrylic paint, flowers and geometric digital manipulation.

Simplicity Series:

Simplicity series: This series was created using flowers, acrylic paints and photography. These art pieces were created by choosing the colors that would work best with the particular flower. Then poured and manoeuvred into a complimentary pattern, and photographed as is.

Digital Art:

Digital art: Original digital art concepts, using photoshop to bring them to life and tell the story.

Fluid Art, Inspired Series:

Fluid art, Inspired series: These images are created with various fluid mediums such as paint, oil, flowers, insects (and whatever I can find) & photography . Photographed, and then sometimes leaving as is, or using photoshop, I added some more geometric effects

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